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Thames Liquid Waste Disposal is a small family business based just outside Witney Oxfordshire. We specialise in sewage removal of Septic tanks, Cesspits/Cess Pools, treatment plants, Pump stations and Welfare units. From domestic houses and farms to small businesses, schools and colleges.

We carry on board our small 2000-gallon vacuum tanker up to 70 metres of hose enabling us to tackle awkward tank locations in some of the most rural areas.

Septic Tank and Cesspool Emptying

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We recommend that your tank is emptied annually. However, this also depends on the size of the tank and number of occupants in the property.

Signs your tank needs emptying:
Appliances such as toilets and washing machines are draining slowly.
Sewage is backing up to the property.
There is pooling of water around the tank and drain field.
If there is a smelling of odours around the tank or drains.

Thames Liquid Waste Disposal are registered waste carriers. Our experienced operative will be carrying his waste carriers’ licence which can be seen on request, along with a waste transfer note which will be informing you where your sewage waste will be disposed of.

Thing to avoid putting in your septic tank system are:
Bleach, Paint, White Spirits, Solvents, Disinfections, Motor Oils, Garden Pesticides, Medicine’s, Sanitary Products, Nappies, Wipes, Cooking Oil/Fats, Alcohol, Coffee Grounds, Animal waste.


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