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Thames Liquid Waste Disposal offers septic tank emptying and cesspool emptying services. Speak to a member of our team for more information.  

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Septic tank and cesspool emptying

There are many types of septic tanks ranging from the traditional 2 chamber brick tanks to the more modern fibre glass tanks. The principals are basically the same in both.

Sewage treatment plant emptying

Treatment plants have a similar process of that of the septic tank. The job of a sewage treatment plant is to clean the water, sludge is the build-up of solids, just like within a septic tank, it needs to be removed periodically. Unlike the septic tank they use mechanical components to help the process and aerate the bacteria making it more effective at treating the waste water. Which means the water can be discharged into the drainage field or directly into flowing water. Leaving a treatment plant without emptying it for too long allows the sludge to move through into parts of the plant that it shouldn’t reach. Even beyond into the outlet. This can cause damage to the component parts of the treatment plant and cause pollution to the area where the plant discharges.

Never put excess Cooking Oils/Fats, Harsh Chemicals, Wipes, Nappies or Sanitary Products down your septic tank as this will cause blockages and damage the bacteria in the tank. These need to be serviced by an engineer.

Sewage Pump Chamber Emptying

Sewage pump chambers are usually used to pump raw sewage into a main sewage system. They come in various sizes. It is important that these are regularly emptied, washed down and checked to reduce any build up of fats, wipes etc. Potentially increasing the chance of a pump frailer.

These pumps need to be checked regularly by a service engineer.

Welfare Unit Emptying

A Welfare unit is usually a small toilet block with a holding tank. Normally used for building sites, small businesses, weddings and events.

Technicians we recommend

I.H.S Systems Ltd.

I.H.S Systems are a small family business like ourselves based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. We highly recommend this firm for the supply, installation, maintenance of equipment to purify and dispose of sewage, waste water, commercial effluent, in a manner which complies with environment agency standards.

Bourton Drain Services Ltd.

Bourton Drains are based in Banbury Oxfordshire. We have worked alongside this company for many years. They are very efficient and reliable. They provide a domestic and commercial service for all you drain problems.

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